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23 responses to “Another World XIV”

  1. Potatohead says:

    Sidekick Girl is listed at the bottom of that memorial….stable time loop ahoy?

    • CptNerd says:

      How are you able to read that???

      • David Johnston says:

        You need new glasses. The names are

        Blue Phantom, Ballistic, Stone, Marina, Richochet, Monolith, Panick, Freeze Frame, Blackout, Major Crush, Maelstrom, The Gray, Sync, Future Man, Trust, Paragon, Jet Set, Buzzkill, Haze, Sidekick Girl, General Mayhem and two words at the side I can’t make out.

    • Chaos says:

      No, seriously, how are you able to read all that? I have excellent vision, but the JPEG artifacting around the text prevents me from reading that.

      • Isshou says:

        I’m pretty sure the names are being read off the 5th panel not the 2nd panel. I didn’t catch it the first time since Sidekick Girl is listed in the last line which is partially cut off by the comic border.

        Also the list David provided is missing Impact listed just before Haze in the last line.

        If anyone was curious, the Lat/Long listed pinpoints on a map to being in the William G Milliken State Park, Detroit, Mi. At least in our would it does. A nice touch there.

      • xero says:

        i’m a graphic artist you’d be amassed what details i can make out in pixel noise

  2. NoRAd says:

    Interesting that her name is on a list of -fallen- heroes. I thought her power was that she couldn’t die, but perhaps they thought Mender grabbing her in the past was a suicide attack?

    • Hakkyou no Tenshi says:

      So are Maelstrom, Haze, and Shield. Because of the way Marina and Ricochet are both on it, it sounds like this is is a monument for this who died in the line of duty. The way Haze and Sidekick Girl are grouped together, with only one name in between theirs and Shield’s, it makes you wonder if there was some sort of incident.

    • Freezer says:

      There’s nothing that says Val doesn’t age normally. Or that something severe – like getting vaporized or decapitated – wouldn’t put her down for good. Val isn’t super tough, so there’s plenty of things that could kill her and keep her dead.

  3. antlan87 says:

    As long as Canada is still in one piece, it isn’t a dark future. As for sidekick girl’s name being on the list, they shouldn’t have let her pilot the ship on that tragic sun orbiting party after the third keg was opened….

  4. norman728 says:

    The best way to stop a healing Factor is to over power it, or use something that bypasses the factor. some healing factor can stop physical damage but not disease, or gas attack. or attacking from within.

    • Tower015 says:

      I would imagine Val’s healing factor is the reason she is so skinny – her body literally burns through everything she puts in it in order to a. generate the energy required to rework her cellular structure and b. to provide the mass needed to repair it. I would venture a guess that if you were to prolong the damage she sustained until she “starved” or simply went into hyperketonemia and her liver and brain simply ran out of fuel to function, she’d bite it.

  5. Syncline says:

    I imagine bisecting her neck will do a fine job.
    There can be only one.

  6. Vladimir Zhivanevskaya says:

    …whoa, the villain must be really boss if he killed shield (the superman-esque character)–though seeing as this is far in the future, it could have been someone else who offed him.
    It may be that powers decline with old age, seeing as power levels can change and whatnot.

    The plot right now is killing me! Damn you, writer, why do you have to be so interesting?!

  7. Finn MacCool says:

    that should be “in memoriAm” instead of “in memorium”.

  8. Computant says:

    Shield would be hard to kill because if you hurt him, he absorbs the energy and it makes him stronger (and smarter).
    My thought though was that it would be like the GURPS supers power absorbing DR. If so, the solution would be to do enough damage quickly enough to overpower the resistance, or kill him before he got the boost (assuming his power takes any time to affect him).

  9. Foradain says:

    I suspected (from reference to the RenCen), that Metro City was an alias for Detroit, but the current location clenches it. As does Val’s looking south across the river into Canada.

    It was always so frustrating, not being able to fly across the river from Millenium City…

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