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The Future Awaits!

ta da

0 responses to “Another World IV”

  1. Diestormlie says:

    Begin Timeline warping!

  2. Jerden says:

    Well, this just gives me a WHOLE load more questions.
    Ah well, I don’t know why, but I just love confusing plots. Love em to pieces.
    So, I was thinking another dimension, turns out the future, could be very interesting.

  3. Super Poopy Diaper Girl says:

    Going from 2013 to 2234 is not unusual. The trick is to go the other way.
    It will be interesting to see how Sidekick Girl does it.

    Can Sidekick Girl get older? Are there two of them in 2234? Maybe this is 2234’s Sidekick Girl with two hundred and twenty years older restored new body fut with old 2013 memories?

    Time travel is too confusing for a blond.

  4. The Occupant says:

    Wouldn’t have made more sense to test things on a lab mouse or something first?

    • David Johnston says:

      Oh I bet he’s used his time travel power on a smaller scale before. This is probably just as far back as he’s gone before.

      • The Occupant says:

        Except, that was not what was said. It was “[t]he first documented case of time travel to date.”

        • David Johnston says:

          Because when Sidekick Girl goes back she’ll document her time travel experience, making it the earliest.

          • Syncline says:

            ‘zacty what I wuz thinkin’
            Time traveler boy’s from the distant future.
            SG’s trip will be from BEFORE he was born, so therefore HER trip will be the earliest documented round trip. The rest of us are all going one way only …

  5. Kaci says:

    welp, I got no idea

  6. Vienna says:

    Well… called it =)

  7. Caliban says:

    Hmmm…Looking at the two pillars in the background with the candles, flowers, taped notes, and other trinkets. I’m thinking they are memorials to two people who died. Why would they choose to bring her forward to that particular spot?

  8. Bartimaeus says:

    But is it really time travel?

    • Super Poopy Diaper Girl says:

      Teacher says we are all time travel in the direction of the future at the rate of one second per second.

      Super Poopy Diaper Girl lived in a county that has outlawed plastic grocery bags, the ideal thing to put a poopy diaper in. If you time travel back to 2012, could you get me some more bags?

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