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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!


All together now: awwwwwww!

18 responses to “An Unexpected Visit V”

  1. Ed Rhodes says:

    I get the subtle “body language” you’re doing there.

  2. Ed Rhodes says:

    …oh, and; awwwwww!

  3. Black Rose says:

    Nice photo montage. Looks like no one is making a fuss about Chris’s sexual orientation.

  4. Pygmy D H says:

    I’m just digging the top hat

  5. Twitch says:

    No wonder GrandGram is so cranky. That walker is the wrong size and all her formal wear is funeral themed.

    • Prince Charon says:

      She may be wearing funeral-themed formal-wear on purpose, though, as I seem to recall that she does not approve of the groom, either. The walker is a bit odd, though. Maybe it was her husband’s?

  6. Kraziekat says:

    Was the bridesmaid beside Chris the one promising to throw an epic and embarassing fit if the family bitched?

  7. CptNerd says:

    Don’t be too hard on Grandma, when you get old you get more and more ticked off as things that you used to enjoy doing, your body won’t let you any more.

  8. TheAuldGrump says:

    Heh, Grandma looks a bit like my Grandmum in Law – but my Grandmum in Law is typically smiling, not scowling. (And is one of the reasons why our daughter has the middle name ‘Danger’. I joked about it with my good lady, she started to snark back – then got this LOOK in her eye, and said that she would have loved having the middle name Danger – and her grandmum took her side on it. 🙂 Our daughter also got her first name from her.)

  9. T'Renn says:

    In fairness to Grandma’s wardrobe, she’s reached an age when her friends’ funerals become a depressingly frequent occurrence.

    I also note that Chris’s nephew was wrong, he’s only the SECOND prettiest person there. The bride is gorgeous, inside and out.

  10. Raen says:

    Smash that bottle.

  11. maarvarq says:

    I’ve finally finished my archive trawl, and am enjoying the strip so far – no RSS feed though, huh?

  12. Yaman Kurt says:

    You know when I first started reading this yesterday I had came to this page and confused Val with Chris and the sister with Mack, alongside thinking this was finished. Now I see that this is just a side story to the most memorable character in the serial.

  13. Xero says:

    Their mom seems to be doing better than dad or grandma are or is atleast a better actor

    Can you imaging in a few years “mommy why are grandpa and great grandma so mad in your wedding picture?”

  14. Katy says:

    Chris is so dapper looking. 😀

  15. Ebonbolt says:

    The HAT!

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