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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Hope everybody is staying in, and staying safe.  It’s a good time for an archive binge!

I have multiple people who I have gotten to promise me tacos if they win the lottery.


9 responses to “An Unexpected Visit II”

  1. Black Rose says:

    So these are Chris’s relations…! Can’t wait to hear more about them.

  2. Pygmy D. H. says:

    He IS the Young Ward. Of course…..

  3. Ashonai says:

    Uh-oh… ‘Actually’ at the end of the page… that’s a cliffhanger right there.

  4. Ragingagnostic says:

    Wow, these two are a pair of gold diggers, aren’t they? (Well, maybe not. Applebees isn’t what I consider a high-end restaurant.)

  5. alurker says:

    I can’t help but wonder if it’s significant that Chris doesn’t hug her back… He seems less than enthused.

  6. Rob says:

    Given the massive gender confusion when Chris was introduced, is nobody going to remark on the fact that HIS name is Christie?

    • Twitch says:

      …apples and trees.

      Inner/outer gender formation aside, people learn how to communicate/express themselves from the examples they see. Chris’ family will be very… enlightening.

  7. Ghostforge says:

    Happy 10th to the Comic, may it be long and prosperous!

    Also, Happy 25th to me, may I actually get my birthday wish sometime next year!

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