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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Moxie is doing much better.  Thanks to everyone who’s been concerned.  Now we’re just waiting for the biopsies to come back.  I’ll post a picture sometime soon.  🙂

Here we go, back to comicing

3 responses to “Bridge Talk II”

  1. Freezer says:

    Still not quite sure why Val considers this such a betrayal.

  2. Vladimir Zhivanevskaya says:

    It was a monumental effort, but I caught up, finally.

    Not because of anything to do with the story–my OCD just makes it stressful to navigate the pages. I’m really enjoying the story 🙂

    As per the current arc…it’s rough because I agree with Val, but I can see Isauro’s dilemma when she confronts him–he *had* to reveal himself there, because to do otherwise would make it even worse. Then again, he’s been hiding it for a year(?) at least, and their relationship is pretty serious. He seems to be making the mistake (well, I think of it as one, anyways) of feeling he needs to “protect” Val from his problems, which essentially boils down to a lack of trust in her.

    To really trust someone, and then to find out that they don’t trust *you*?

    Then again, for Val it might be even harder to take. She’s been losing faith in the agency, in the system, and now finds out that her faith in Isauro is also built on sand. Would she have acted differently if she wasn’t in a bad place already?

    Isauro must have that feeling that we all get–being found out in a lie, and having to face the consequences, and knowing it’s all your fault. You can justify all the little things you do in the moment, and even see how you thought them good ideas at the time, but afterwords it all seems so…lackluster. He had a good thing, and didn’t want to risk it for the truth. Maybe he’s thinking he should have just smacked Val through a wall and then run away, never revealing his identity…but then he’d have even more shit hanging over his head.

    Aiyaiyai, I’m really anxious to see where this goes. I hope they can reconcile and become–if not what they once were–at least friends again.

  3. The Passing Critic says:

    In short Vals pissy cause someones been heroing without all the bs of the hero agency while shes been trying to work within a system that cares more about selling toys than saving lives and had any career hopes that were left inside of her incinerated by orbital strike by the agency outright admitting shes always going to be the Zoidberg of the group dispite being the most competent person in the hero agency period.

    Vals being colossally unfair to Isauro and this is definately going to end badly if she doesnt get over herself.In a wierd way this archs actually proven that just like most of her coworkers shes not worthy of the title of hero either.

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