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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex


1) We will be speaking at Penguicon April 28-30. ( There are lots of nifty talks, including our Creating Webcomics series, which should be running Saturday from 11-2. If you're thinking of going, pop over to the forum thread and we can meet up!

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to check out all the cool anniversary stuff!
Time to play 'count the creepy things' in the secret basement!

So that super complicated panel?  Didn’t take nearly as much time as I thought it would.  I think it’s trying to lure me into a false sense of security so that I don’t get ahead on the next one.

13 responses to “Warrior Priest II”

  1. Syncline says:

    Those damn vampires.
    You try rubbing them out, you try staking them, but you still end up with a catholic papal collar.

      • Syncline says:

        Sorry, my sense of humor is…odd.

        The weapons on the wall, the crapton of holy water bottles, the stake-like items in the case to the right, what we know about the father as a good man who does his duty…

        And if you remember the shrill old Wisk laundry soap TV commercials and read my comment above in a sing-song voice it pretty much rhymes with the commercial.

  2. guildsbounty says:

    I think my favorite part is the teapot….

    Also, I think this firmly squelches the ‘Padre is the vigilante’ rumors. Vigilante has never needed weapons.

  3. shadowmaster13 says:

    Is that hot plate making holy water?

  4. In response to the alt text; the only creepy thing I find down there is the cup of tea, but I’m a bit of a weapon’s nerd. :)

  5. syncline says:

    Every time i look at the little pouches on the front top shelf to the right, I visualize the dear padre throwing them at some idiot dressed as a troll and yelling “Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Hold Person! Death!” But maybe he doesn’t do much LARPing with all those vampires out there to rub out…

    Also, I’m pretty sure those boxed back issues of National Geographic on the front top left shelf is the creepiest thing down there.

  6. Starlight says:

    Are those D&D dice bags on the top right shelf? If so, right on! 😀
    But you’ll probably say it’s actually eye of newt powder or something else exotic 😉

    In (very slightly) more seriousness, welcome to the lair of Padre Witch/Vampire Hunter.

  7. Sidekickgirl says:

    Heh. If they were dice, you’d be in Hazel’s Basement. Or Erika’s.

  8. Sidekickgirl says:

    Also, they are WAY too big to be spell packets for LARPing. The ones we use in our games might be particularly small at about 1×2″ but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them much bigger than that. See, they gotta be little enough to have a whole handful in your pocket, or you’ll run out of spells at inopportune times.

  9. Gart says:

    That’s the Cross of St. Benedict… Is he an oblate or something?

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