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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex


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4 responses to “Introductions IV”

  1. Imperator says:

    I wish they’d cut the guy some slack– he may be overaggressive in his points, but they ARE entirely valid. Isauro is there giving them insider information on the Villain side of things, which is good, but that he is still a part of the organization IS something to be concerned about. And he is keenly aware of the nature of the superhero culture they’re a part of, where deep cover agents and mindwipes are a common way to infiltrate and subvert heroic organizations. Isauro shouldn’t get a free pass just because he is hot or because Val vouches for him– scrutiny is to be expected.

    • Prince Charon says:

      I agree with you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of women who read Twilight and like it, which is the nearest comparison to ‘he’s hot so he must be good’ I can come up with. Just because we as readers can be pretty sure that Isauro is on the up-and-up, doesn’t mean that the characters do.

  2. Fangsong says:

    I love that Val is covering the kid’s ears in the fourth panel.

  3. Genericname5A says:

    Yes, but there are also indications that he dislikes Coldfire because he feels his territory is being violated with regards to Val, and that makes him a dick.

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