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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

Erika is going to GENCON! Is anyone else going to GENCON?! I made a thread in the forum.
Gencon for Erika next weeeeek


14 responses to “HeroCon III”

  1. Ragnarok101 says:

    Umm….did she just out Val in front of an audience?

    • Arcanist Lupus says:

      And Val is so careful with her secret identity, too. Her cunning costume makes her totally unrecognizable!

      Sarcasm aside, you make an excellent point. Secret identities are a thing here, even if Val treats hers casually.

  2. The Random Spectator says:

    This is the girl from the Robomigos club at her old high school that asked if she was Sidekick Girl, right? Then Val denied it awkwardly. That’s come back to haunt her. Heh.

    Also, as a sidekick her “secret” identity is printed on her hero card, so the public can find out Val’s identity if they really want to.

  3. Kraziekat says:

    It took me a bit to realize that Val turned down money in the first panel. Squeeeeeeeee! Sorry, can’t get over the kid’s cuteness!

  4. MP says:

    It’s the student from this strip:

  5. Xero says:

    wait isn’t she one of the heroes from the parallel future?

  6. Black Rose says:

    How did they achieve that paisley pattern for that headscarf???

    • Sidekickgirl says:

      Lay down base color, find pattern in black and white, place on a new layer, cut out the white bit, lock empty pixels, adjust color of pattern, stroke the layer to get the secondary outline, select area of base color, inverse selection, cut out extra pattern bits, done.

  7. Gene N says:

    Val’s power is not dying and healing, does her blood heal other people?

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