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1) We will be speaking at Penguicon April 28-30. ( There are lots of nifty talks, including our Creating Webcomics series, which should be running Saturday from 11-2. If you're thinking of going, pop over to the forum thread and we can meet up!

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You think Erika is in pain? Think of Val.

Batman LIED to her.

9 responses to “Healing Touch”

  1. Syncline says:

    So sorry for your back.

    Keep Val and Isauro away from it while a professional figures out a real fix; we’re good for awhile.

  2. leggedfish says:

    I think it would work!

  3. Twitch says:

    Only let a professional chiropractic who has extensive X-rayed your back try that!

  4. Dark Rose says:

    I still say you should get a guest artist until Erika recovers….! :)

  5. Laura says:

    Monday before noon if possible, so that we can make sure everything is as needs to be story wise with time to request changes before the wednesday post.

  6. Drmercurious says:

    Bulging Disc — mom had that. I wish you all the best: a speedy surgery, and a swift recovery with as little pain as possible. *Pause* Yes, the doctors told my Mom that surgery was pretty much it. Good thing, as it turned out there were other problems with her back which they hadn’t known about until they opened her up/

  7. Kaian says:

    I feel for you with your pain and hope for a speedy recovery.
    I also wish to gush, I found a link to your comic from TVtropes last night about how you lampshaded the most common super power. I checked out your page and have been delighted by the writing, characters, art work, all of it. You are doing a great job and I look forward to reading more when you post them.

    Get well soon.

  8. Sidekickgirl says:

    Thanks everybody. Your wishes give me the warm fuzzies.

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