Would You Like To Support Sidekick Girl?


If you would, that’s super awesome!  Cuz, see, Laura has this habit of eating every day, and Erika needs back surgery and has no health insurance.  A few extra bucks would go a long way, especially if it meant we could afford to go to more conventions or invest in new merch.  It’d be pretty rockin.

 I can’t donate right now.  I’m poor, too…  That’s cool.  Seriously.  We still love you.

I don’t have a credit card/paypal.  Can I still donate?  Yes!  Send a check or money order to Erika Wagner, PO Box 184, St Clair Shores, MI 48080

If I donate, do I get swag?  Heck Yeah!  Swag is awesome.  Here’s what you can get:


We’ll email you a wallpaper.  You get your choice between two wallpapers, and we’ll rotate them every couple of months.  Make sure you include which one you want, what resolution you want, and a valid email address in the message section of your donation.  The current wallpapers are at the bottom of this page.


You get your choice of wallpaper, AND a quick sketch!  Quick sketches have one SG character, in pencil, and comes signed by Laura.  Include your wallpaper info, your mailing address, and what character you would like.


You get your choice of wallpaper, AND a full color print!  Choose up to three SG characters.  Your picture will have more detail than a quick sketch, be fully colored and signed by Laura and Erika.  Include your wallpaper info, your mailing address, and what character(s) you would like.  You can also include a teeny detail or two that you would like to be in the picture, such as which costume Illumina is wearing, does Val have Mr Bat II or Mr Ferret with her, or where the characters are.


You’re basically the best fan ever!  You get both of the current wallpapers, AND a full color print of YOU (or someone else) as a character in the SG universe!  Your picture will have the same detail as the print, be fully colored, and signed by Laura and Erika.  You can be a hero, villain, sidekick, henchman, or civillian.  You can choose up to two SG characters to be in the picture with you, either teaming up, or doing mighty battle!  Include your wallpaper info, and send us an email (sidekickgirls@yahoo.com) with a picture of yourself (or the person you’re doing this for) and your ideas.  We’ll work with you to make sure that you get a picture that is totally worth your money.  You will ALSO get random surprise swag in the package with your picture.  Even we won’t know what it is until we put it in there!

Current Wallpapers