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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex



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Orange guy is really into this human balloon thing

Harsh justice.

16 responses to “Back on the Streets V”

  1. The Aussie Bloke says:

    The act of writing that word bubble was probably immensely intimidating. What it actually says? Not so much.

    Val: Best balloons ever!
    Orange shirt guy: Okay, I know we’re getting arrested and all, but this is pretty damn cool

  2. The passing critic says:

    *Waits until theyve left,Unties the string and drags himself away using the wall for leverage so he can find somewhere to hide for an hour*

    Its not just villains who put people into easily escapable traps XD.

  3. OtherAnonymous says:

    I should have known you wouldn’t let Mack go too dark. Well done!

  4. Black Rose says:

    Can’t wait to see what Mack does next….

  5. RandomGirl says:

    New attitude and powers or not, Mack is still Mack. “I’m a big jerk” indeed.

    And I love the fact that orange-shirt guy is enjoying being a balloon. That’s adorable.I almost expected him to have a little “wheee!” word/thought bubble.

  6. Pygmy D. H. says:

    I like the guy in the orange shirt’s reaction. Attitude like that and he may turn his back on a life of crime to go work in a trampoline warehouse.

  7. TheAuldGrump says:

    Orange Shirt: Quick! Somebody take my picture! This is SO going on my Facebook page!

  8. CheshireMadcat says:

    The comments are a much fun as the comic, good job everyone.

    Also, am I the only one that thought SKG hung a swing from them at first?

    • OtherAnonymous says:

      “Also, am I the only one that thought SKG hung a swing from them at first?”

      Now that you’ve pointed it out (panel 3), I can’t unsee it.

  9. Kenshin Ryuu says:

    You know, I can see little kids running up to Illumina and begging her to let them play Superman and fly. And she’d do it to, it would be adorable.

  10. Katy says:

    I think I must request Orange Shirt Guy to make a reappearance. He knows how to make the most of being caught in a unique way.
    At the bar: Dude! I have the best “How I got captured story!”

  11. Twitch says:

    Nice work ladies.

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