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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

We will be at Penguicon in Southfield, Michigan May 4-6.  We don’t have a table, but we will be doing various panels and games.  Forum for details.

Debriefing, eh? Always figured him for a boxers man...


18 responses to “Arrest VI”

  1. Just Karen says:

    Dammit Isauro!

  2. Kaci says:

    I think every girl out there is TOTALLY PISSED WITH ME AT ISAURO!

  3. imperator says:

    Unlike Sidekick Girl, Isauro’s bits don’t grow back. I think its time to introduce him to this unfortunate reality.

  4. Tarmagon says:

    Jasper, you may now smack Isauro with a clear conscious and my blessings.

  5. Chris says:

    I agree with Tarmagon. And he’d totally deserve it, too.

  6. DStaal says:

    I get the feeling that Isauro isn’t where he wants to be, he’s where he *has* to be – he wasn’t given choices, and has to roll with what he was given. He doesn’t want to hurt Val, but he can’t afford to diss his employer either – He’s a henchman, and tonight that job includes being in bed.

  7. WhiteRaven says:

    I fully agree with DStaal. That isn’t the face of someone who’s happy with where he is, going “mwahaha my plan is a success”. That’s the face of someone who hates his life right now and hates himself for his part in getting it there.

  8. Kaci says:

    I guess guys, but I still hope Isauro comes clean soon; at the very least it’s not good to keep this kind of secret.

  9. mrtt says:

    Jesus what is wrong with you guys.

    If a woman was in so much shit she was forced to have sex with someone in order to be saved you would be screaming rape. But when the victim is a man you want to horrible maim him.

    A huge step in him getting into this trouble was his fidelity.

  10. ParanoidSpy says:

    I’m with DStaal and the others. It’s pretty clear he was forced into it. Poor Isauro AND poor Val!

  11. leggedfish says:

    I think Isauro needs to file a sexual harassment claim with the Villain Agency.

  12. ... says:

    just saying. dem butt cheeks.

  13. MalkavianMarine says:

    Is this where all the comments are now ? No more forum ?

  14. David Johnston says:

    I believe his “cover” is the good Father..

  15. Cat says:

    Yeah, that pretty much seems like rape, or at least extremely dubious consent/coercion…

  16. xero says:

    forget what shell do to coldfire the stuff she will do to esper will give you nightmares

  17. Lanea says:

    I can’t believe he’s being forced into sex. Poor guy.

    I hope the bitch gets her throat slit. I fucking hate rapists, even female ones.

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