Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

I tell people that my Mama didn't name me Grace.

I think its WAY worse when people’s for realsies, actual NAMES are somehow related to powers or schticks that didn’t come along until much later.

7 responses to “The Boss XI”

  1. Tilly the Hun says:

    Can we pull a Scotland and do something fantasy like “Mythril” or “Soulsteel”? I’d get in on that.

  2. The Dark Lord Skepticism says:

    Mr. Steel. Mr. Zinc. Mr. Copper. Mr. Titanium. Mr. Cobalt. Mr. Pig Iron.

    Did I call any upperclass guys showing up later?

    • Twitch says:

      Ms. Mercury, Ms. Lead, Ms. Tungsten, Ms. Chrome, Ms. Zirconium, and are all having a girls night at Ms. Nickel’s place – MMA live and mani pedi (Tifa Lockhart brand nailpolish of course.)

  3. Garanhir says:

    I like the full-bearded look. Much more mature & less “swashbuckler”.

  4. Large says:

    Thanks admin. Recomended nih asli

  5. Ragingagnostic says:

    I thought he meant his name on a brass plate on the door to an executive office. Anyhow, if he’s working for dangerous, violent people, wouldn’t they want to eliminate a possible threat to their jobs?

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