Sidekick Girl

Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

We will be at Penguicon in Southfield, Michigan April 24-26. We're planning a variety of new Merch, including nine new buttons, a school T-Shirt, new prints, and a POSTER! We are also presenting two panels.


Morgan Washburn, AKA Myst


Rowan Feldmen, AKA Wolf


Fun facts: Rowan is a girl’s name as well as a boy’s name, but the two come from different sources.  Also, Isaura is an actual feminine version of Isauro, we didn’t just add an A to it.  Also, is not fem!Rowan just delightful?  Thank you, Natalie Dormer, for the inspiration for that haircut.

4 Responses to “Adventures of Sidekick Boy III”

  1. Black Rose says:

    I hope this comic turns out to be a dream of Val’s…! ;)
    (Sidekick GIRL to which I refer! :) )

  2. Skipper says:

    I love that Rowan is still shirtless and buff.

  3. David Johnston says:

    Is Illumino always this “grim”, or is he just moping?

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