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You’ve probably noticed that updates have been a bit sporadic lately.  This is likely to continue for a while.  The combination of new work hours and our busy time of year means that while we’re still going to shoot for Wednesdays, it might wind up being Thursdays sometimes.  On the plus side, we’re going to try to avoid our yearly November break, because we’re crazy people, and we don’t want to pause this very important arc.  We might do a short break once it wraps up.We’ll keep you updated, and thanks for your patience.

Happy nano!

So we tried really hard to update as normal all through this arc, and we ALMOST did it. (There’s one or two pages left.) But this last week or so has been the most intense of Nano, so ONE filler for you.

Do you do nano? Have you HEARD of nano? Well. Let me tell you. National Novel Writing Month is super fun and everyone should do it. If you like to write, no matter if you’re a complete amateur that knocks out a few fanfic chapters now and again, up to a professional novelist, Nano is a great community experience that will only make you a little bit insane. Check out to learn more about it. Or ask in the comments! I will tell you EVERYTHING.

Laura and I are on the leadership team for our local region (NanowrimoTOWN. geddit?) which is largely why we are so crazy this month. We work with the rest of our peoples to put on events and do all encouragements, and also, we are the art department! We make all the buttons and swag and fun stuff.

One of the things we make is this FABULOUS collectible poster that goes with our Team Championship. This year’s theme was time travel, so there’s all that awesome clock stuff, and time quotes, and steampunky goodness to go with our three time machines. Hope you enjoy looking at it!

Do…you WANT one? I wouldn’t assume so if you aren’t a Detroit Nano person, but hey, maybe you really like clocks and stuff, I don’t tell you how to live your life. And Laura and I made it, and it’s limited edition! If you do, send $15 to and it will be shipped to you. Make sure to include your address, obv, and a note that you want a nano poster from Sidekick Girl. Every penny of the proceeds go to funding the community.

ARE you a nano person? How are your words going? Gonna win this year? Laura has already won, and I am a few thousand behind, but I should still be able to finish on time.

One response to “NaNoWriMo 2019”

  1. Clay Campbell says:

    I Finished my nano Last weekend. This is the earliest I ever finished a NaNo

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