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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

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The internet’s been reeeeal janky today, and the comic won’t upload, so check back Thursday AM, it should be better then.

6 responses to “The Letter I”

  1. Someone Else says:

    The plot thickens!

  2. Nealithi says:

    Nobody is hurt but she is sorry. Why do I think she has been reassigned?

  3. Lance Taylor says:

    Worse ….. someone is going to finally make a stink over Isauro technically being a bad guy and punish Val by either revoking her license as a sidekick or else her boyfriend is being reassigned to another country to put him further into the clutches of his psycho ex-girlfriend.

    I could think of worse things, but those ideas are all possible trigger related and therefore speculation only. I don’t think this is going to have any chance of being a laughter moment when we see the next comic, unless it is a Heath Ledger grade laughter moment of course.

  4. HakkyounoTenshi says:

    It makes me think that this is something agency related. Mack’s not the kind of person to read Val’s mail, so it had to have come to her (since she’s the Hero in the pair). And it doesn’t seem to be about Mack herself.

    Main Guess: Val’s been reassigned. Mack doesn’t seem to be looking for anything she can do, so it might be a procedure that Mack’s familiar with.

    Other Guesses: Something to do with Isauro (Extradited back to home country to face charges, he’s now on a special list since he’s risen with the Metal group, etc). It could be that the Association is telling Val she has to end her relationship with him or lose her license (Although he’s a good source of Villain Agency chatter, the relationship is actually fairly valuable from a strategic point of view).

    I don’t think their just automatically giving Val the boot. She has a reputation for competence, she’s well regarded by the public, and remember how she was assigned to Shiver, not because she was Heroless, but because he was suspect and they needed someone to watch him/ do damage control. She’s valuable and the Metrocity caseworkers know that.

  5. The Passing Critic says:

    Maybe Vals finally getting promoted to actual hero status since she seems to be a lot more useful than her sideki-er i mean hero Mack XD.Seriously girls now got one of the most broken powersets you can have in comics and most shes done is make some absolute nobodys float.

  6. Mike says:

    Heh the URL is “The Letter I”

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