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Saving the City: Sans-Spandex

I've never been to a party fancy enough to have waiters circulating with champagne.  But it sounds pretty keen.

Welcome back to regular comics!

9 responses to “Reunion VI”

  1. The Aussie Bloke says:

    And I bet Icehole still thinks he’s in the right.

    • Ed Rhodes says:

      I remember Carol Burnett, talking about her role as Miss. Hannigan in “Annie” saying; “Nobody ever thinks THEY’RE the bad guy!”

  2. Maxilu says:

    Oh crap. I see Coldfire getting a new boss.

  3. Mujaki says:

    No, no, no. Coldfire won’t be getting a new boss.
    After release, the Icehole will be a brand new, freshly recruited villain.
    So he’ll have to be partnered up with an experienced villain, to show him how it’s done.
    He’ll be…. a side-kick.

  4. The passing critic says:

    And thats how you make a new villain who will have a carteblanche to use his powers fatally on every civilian that he meets this increasing his bodycount even more!Oh who am I kidding?That guy had the brains of a drunk Illumina and I imagine that Icehole will have a very fatal “accident” if he narks the Villains agency off enough with his dumbass hijinks.

  5. CyberSkull says:

    Icehole shall hence be his name.

  6. Mara says:

    “He’ll be…. a side-kick.”

    Dear gods, I hope so.

  7. Hendrik IJzerbroot says:

    So throw a party and serve champagne.

    At a recent family party, the welcome drink was probably not actually champagne but certainly was bubbly white wine. Most guys kept to beer afterward. This was an aunt and uncle’s 40 year anniversary. Fairly informal affair, just sports jackets and such. But it was fun seeing that part of the family again anyhow. Also: Bitterballen.

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